Cheesy Potatoes

I'm doing this challenge called #shelftember that was coined by one of my favorite bloggers/online influencers, Jordan from Fun Cheap or Free. If you haven't heard of her you need to stop what you're doing and go follow her.  She shares loads of great tips about frugal living and with a sparkling personality to boot! … Continue reading Cheesy Potatoes


Corn Dog Muffins

After seeing this on the internet somewhere, I made a mental note to try it out someday.  It just so happened that we had a bunch of hot dogs left over from our son's birthday party and some corn bread mix in the pantry that I've been meaning to use up, so tonight I decided … Continue reading Corn Dog Muffins

Salad Swap

Spring is in the air where I live, and the temperature will soon be rising.  As the layers of clothes start to diminish, the desire to eat healthier begins to increase...or is that just me?!  😀 Last spring, a friend invited me and a couple of others ladies to do a salad swap.  The idea … Continue reading Salad Swap

Masitas Secas

Masitas Secas translates literally to "dry cookies".  In other words, they are perfect for dipping in milk or hot cocoa.  I grew up dipping everything in Nesquick!  This recipe is one that we got from a family friend in Argentina.  I remember helping my mom make these simple, crumbly cookies as a kid.  For some … Continue reading Masitas Secas

Milanesas de Pollo

Are you wondering what to make for dinner?  How about Milanesas de Pollo? This is one of my favorite Argentine foods (also enjoyed in other countries, but I say Argentina because that's where I am from). Some people call it "chicken fried steak"...but that name never made sense to me so we'll just go with … Continue reading Milanesas de Pollo

Flourless Brownies

I just stumbled across a fabulous food blog titled Mom on Timeout.  You need to go check out her page because she has some preeeeetty tasty looking stuff on there!  What caught my eye first though were these Fudgy Flourless Toffee Brownies.  Oh my goodness, I could not wait to try them out because they looked … Continue reading Flourless Brownies

Broccoli Salad

We had some visitors over for dinner the other night and I wanted to switch up the salad portion up a bit, so I opted for a crunchy, iron packed broccoli salad!  I originally wanted to try making Dr. Axe's broccoli salad and be "ultra healthy" by using "vegannaise" but alas,  I searched high and low and my … Continue reading Broccoli Salad

St. Patrick’s Day Pancakes

I'm neither Irish nor Catholic, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little St. Patrick's Day fun, right?   We kept it pretty simple, just a few drops of green food coloring in this pancake batter and done.  The kids loved it.  They are easy to please! 🙂 What does your family do to make St. … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day Pancakes

Mini German Pancakes

I saw these on my Instagram feed one morning and had to try them.  They are now a breakfast favorite! They are super quick to whip up in the blender. They weren't so quick to remove from the pan when I first made them and I got tired of the clean up so I bought … Continue reading Mini German Pancakes

Happy National Cereal Day!

Did you know March 7th is National Cereal Day?  True story.  Everyone around here LOVES cereal.  We love it for breakfast, for snacks, sometimes even for dinner (you know those days). Here's a little video I made of my boys enjoying some cereal.